Interesting Motorcycle Sites

These are a few sites that we consider to be worth viewing. You're welcome to send us a sugestion, but we will only be adding sites that are very unique and of interest to riders.
  • Motorcycle Roads - Looking for a new place to go riding? This site points out the best riding roads in the US. The roads are graded by other motorcyclists for scenery, road quality and amenities quality. Might even be a good site to check out if you favorite ride has 4 wheels instead of 2.
  • We thought this was an interesting webpage on How Motorcycle transmissions work. One of the most interesting features of this page is the animated gifs and Flash used to illistate how the gears mesh together. You can click on the gear you would like to shift to and watch the gears move into position. If you're a motocycle enthusiest you'll likely be interested in seeing what's happening when you press the shift.
  • As you probably know not all bikes that are available in the US are also available in other countries, especially the developing countries. A good example of this is found on this page on Yamaha Motorcycles in the Dominican Republic. This page gives a pretty typical example of the more popular bikes in most developing countries. While a larger brand name like Yamaha is more of a luxury item the size and styles of bikes are pretty common with all of the available brands